What It's All About

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    Lock-It and Leave-It Gated Community

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    Ocean Views from Everywhere

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    Luxurious Villas

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    Private Pools

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    Optional Rooftop Terraces

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    Vacation Condos

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    3 Community Pools & Gym

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    Only 150 Yards From the Beach

For Whom is Indigo Green ?

Indigo Green is an oceanfront community of high-quality, upscale villas and condominiums for those who value their comfort, security, convenience and the environment.


If you value the living area, kitchen storage and closet space of a real home (instead of those of a vacation home),
then Indigo Green is for you

If you want to simply lock your doors any time you want to travel, without worrying about maintenance and security,
then Indigo Green is for you

If you would rather pay down your mortgage instead of the utility company's,
then Indigo Green is for you

If you would rather come back to a cooler home without the shocking electrical bill that usually comes with it,
then Indigo Green is for you

If you prefer to live where you can enjoy the beach only a few hundred yards below, together with all that the resorts will offer, then Indigo Green is for you

If you would rather preserve the investment you made in your cars and protect them from the sun,
then Indigo Green is for you

So who will be your neighbors ?

As a result of all that Indigo Green has to offer, our current clients originate from diverse countries such as Canada, the United States, France, Holland, Poland, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Guyana.

Our owners’ current hometowns include a variety of locations.

Our Canadian owners are from, Montreal, Verdun, St-Alphonse, St-Hilaire, Iberville, Lorraine and Gatineau in Quebec, Alexandria, Oakville, and Irondale in Ontario, and Calgary in Alberta.

Our American owners are from New York New York, Hackensack and Woodland Park New Jersey, Fairfield Connecticut, Clifton Virginia, Raleigh North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia and Dallas Texas.

Yet other owners call varied places home such as Paris and Troyes in France, Vlissingen in Holland, St Kitts and Antigua.

No doubt you will feel as comfortable at Indigo Green as they do!

A quick checklist of why you will love
Indigo Green

Building Strength and Reliability

  1. Full concrete structure
  2. Concrete roofs
  3. Micro-rebar (Helix) to reduce hairline cracks
  4. Earthquake resistant structures

Cool & Comfortable

  1. Insulated slabs
  2. Shaded windows
  3. Insulated exterior walls
  4. Jalousie windows
  5. Cross-through ventilation
  6. Large surface area windows
  7. 2.4 meter (8’0”) tall doors
  8. Heat reflecting roof surface

Energy Savings

  1. Energy efficient
  2. LED lighting
  3. Energy Star appliances
  4. Optional Solar panels systems<br
  5. In-Line water heater


  1. Indigo Bay has but one guarded entrance
  2. Indigo Green is a separate community within Indigo Bay, making it SXM’s only new Double-gated community
  3. All condos have gated terraces

Eco Sensitive

  1. Eco-friendly wastewater treatment to irrigate landscaping
  2. LED street lighting
  3. Cisterns in all buildings to refill pools and outdoor use


  1. Lock It and Leave It planning
  2. Community maintained landscaping
  3. Community Swimming Pools
  4. Private Community Gym

Other Quality of Life features

  1. Large storage areas
  2. Optional storage rooms
  3. Solid core solid wood interior doors
  4. Sound insulated walls around all bedrooms and bathrooms
  5. Ample 110v electrical outlets
  6. Prewired for Ethernet, telephone, cable TV, and satellite TV
  7. The first new community in SXM to offer fiber optic cabling for internet, TV and telephone services

and all this is oceanfront !

If SXM is your fulltime residence,
these features alone should get you excited!

You should know how rare these are in beachfront property!

Indigo Green is not just vacation homes, but it's the only place in Sint Maarten that offers you all of this:

  • Full concrete hurricane-resistant structure
  • Fully-insulated to keep you cool
  • Energy efficiency to reduce your bills
  • Security to keep your family safe
  • Double garages to better protect your car
  • Large storage rooms available
  • Double-gated community

Indigo Green
a new PROVEN standard in hurricane resistance!

On September 6th, 2017, when Hurricane IRMA hit Sint Maarten, it became the STRONGEST HURRICANE EVER RECORDED in the Atlantic!

Yes, a hidden tornado blew out a few windows at Indigo Green,  and flying debris did damage some non-structural features.
But still, wouldn’t you have been a lot safer at Indigo Green?


Although that day, Sint Maarten was battered by the strongest hurricane to make landfall ever recorded in the North Atlantic, the planning that went into the construction of Indigo Green always strived for strength, durability and quality. Most of the time, it goes beyond the requirements and the local practice. How well Indigo Green made it through these events is a testimony to those decisions.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, ALL photos on this website have been taken since the hurricane. The exceptions are the interior model photos which were not retaken as nothing has changed.

We invite you to come visit to learn for yourself how Better Quality Homes, provide a Better Quality of Life!

Designed For Comfort, Safety and Savings

Designed For Comfort, Safety and Savings

Indigo Green provides state-of-the-art modern villas and condominiums incorporating the latest designs in lifestyle design, storm protection and energy efficiency. These features include:


  • Tradewind oriented design
  • Cross-ventilation enhanced design – without compromising security
  • Expansive low-maintenance terraces
  • Extra large windows
  • Liquid propane gas cooktops
  • Spacious rooms – all
  • Open plan kitchens with eat-in bars
  • Placement of electrical outlets as per North American standards – both interior & exterior
  • Large linear closets in all other rooms
  • Gas lines to outdoor LP
  • Lock-it and Leave-it design approach


  • Solid concrete structures
  • Hurricane resistant windows and doors
  • Earthquake resistant structures
  • Pre-wired for security alarm systems
  • Designed and landscaped to deter intrusion


Some features are included on some models and unavailable on others

  • Solar energy systems
  • Private swimming pools
  • Terrace pergolas
  • Double-car garages
  • Solar panel carports

Need ideas to address the financial aspects ?

  • Rent it out weekly as a vacation rental
  • Rent it out annually for a while
  • 60% Bank financing available for non-residents, more for SXM residents

The Green Commitment


The development of Indigo Green is the culmination of years of research and analysis into new housing technologies suitable for Sint Maarten’s particular conditions, patiently waiting for the right market timing and an exhaustive search for the right location and environment. All this in order to finally execute our vision of building sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes that will be enjoyed by our residents for decades to come.

Sint Maarten, and in particular Indigo Bay, presented that proper community in which we could put our decades of experience together to deliver on this vision. Indigo Green strives to become a leading example of a community of well-built oceanfront homes that will benefit from the latest technologies, construction methods and state-of-the-art products to deliver comfortable, safe and cool homes that, hopefully, will reach the ultimate zero-energy footprint that our planet so dearly needs.

Indigo Green stands apart by offering a multitude of eco-friendly and sustainable energy saving amenities rarely found in Sint Maarten, such as:

  • Minimum building footprint for maximum preservation of green nature areas
  • Eco-friendly wastewater treatment plant
  • Rainwater collection cisterns
  • Low-consumption dual-flush toilets
  • LED street lighting
  • Thermally insulated construction
  • Heat reflecting roof surface
  • Augmented security through design and landscaping
  • Solar electrical systems – standard on many residences
  • Cross-ventilation design – without compromising security
  • Vented jalousie-type security windows
  • Low-energy localized air conditioning systems
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • LED energy saving lighting
  • Energy-saving in-line hot water boilers

"GREEN" is also the color of the $$$ you will save!

Not only will the measures taken to make Indigo Green’s villas and condominiums energy efficient bring you savings on your utilities bills, but you will also save on taxes.

Taxation Benefits
Free yourself of property and capital gains taxes. In fact, Sint Maarten (the Dutch Side) doesn’t have such taxes, nor does it have import duties or sales taxes, which greatly improves the financial merits of real estate investments.

Make Money from Vacations
Furthermore, owners at Indigo Green can also rent their villa or condo when not using it, bringing them income from their vacation property. Indigo Green has been planned with a multitude of features to make generating income simpler, more convenient and more rewarding.

These are but a few great reasons “WHY” Indigo Green is an investment “Like Nowhere Else!”

For the most recent progress photos and information on Indigo Green, visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

Currently at Indigo Green

Wouldn’t you be better here ?

Onsite Sales Office

Ocean Drive 112, Indigo Bay, Sint Maarten
Enter Indigo Bay, turn right at the lower roundabout and follow the signs to Indigo Green

Phone: +1 (721) 543-7999
Toll Free US/Canada: +1 (855) 545-7999

Please Note – All illustrations and renderings shown on this website are visual interpretations made by an artist and as such, what is shown may vary in different ways from what is finally constructed.

2023 Indigo Green

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